March 31st 2012 Gemei G9 has been listed for some days. By virtues of its stronger A10 CPU,1G large RAM, more stable high-speed Wi-Fi technology, faster charging speed, more accurate G+G IPS capacitive touch screen,5.0mp cameras, 1.3mp front camera… becomes the most popular products among the 9.7 inch android 4.0 tablet.Today, we will bring you the detailed review of this amazing product.

1. Fashion package

Gemei G9 continues to use upscale fashion packaging. Packaging is also produced through plastic package to ensure inside is clean. The first layer of inner package is Gemei G9, others are accessories: charger, earphone, USB cable, OTG cable. We introduce the action of OTG line, you can use the mouse and keyboard as usual after they are connected to Gemei G9 through OTG cable, it can also be connected with a U disk and a disk to read data.

Meanwhile, charger of Gemei G9 has four features: safe, efficient, compatible, mute and low temperature. It gets through the IOS verification just like IPad, it is solid and durable, and be compatible with almost all the tablet PC, iPhone and iPad, at the same time, it is more efficient than IPad’s charger, it also has low heat dissipation and higher use safety.

2. Ultra-thin

Gemei G9 has a very concise obverse side. Interfaces of Gemei G9: Power, charger, HDMI, OTG, TF Card slot and earphone. It supports 1080P HD video full output, you can surf internet, watch movie and play games after connect a TV.

3. Screen

As everyone knows, almost all 9.7 inch screens are IPS, which has 170° viewing angle, high reduction degree. While Gemei G9’s IPS screen uses G+G double-layer glass technology, screen quality is also an advantage. Good screen not only has good visual effect, but also has high durability. IPS screen has high brightness in browsing webpage, Multi-touch also supported, so it is convenient in browsing webpage, and Gemei G9 supports for online video playback.

IPS screen high-definition can give you absolutely nice experience when watching video, using 9.7 inch big screen to watch 720P ,1080P,2160P, AVI, RMVB, MP4, MKV, VCD, DVD and other 30 kinds of mainstream format videos is a kind of enjoy thing.

4. Android 4.0 ICS

Last year, Google said, 2.X system is mainly targeted at mobile phone, and4.X for android tablet pc, from Gemei G9, we can feel difference of 4.X and 2.X system, although APK format application is basically universal, the operating framework significantly changed. Now Gemei G9 has been upgraded to the last Android 4.0.3 OS, meanwhile G9 also equipped with a 7000mAh battery.

5. A large number of APPs.

You can go to Android Market to download many Apps. Gemei G9 supports many large games.

6. HD dual camera

The front camera is 1.3mp; you can use it to make a video call, play autodyne, recorder a video or write you twitter anytime and anywhere. The rear one is 5mp, support picture of 2592*1936 resolution, and video of 1600*1200 resolution. Android 4.0 standby interface, easy to use camera or unlock.


In 9.7 inch android tablet market, Gemei G9 has stylish appearance, with its high performance 1G DDR3 1066high frequency RAM, a new generation of high-performance WIFI technology, faster charging time, HD camera, Gemei G9 gets more user’s acceptance, and obtain a good sale, it can be regards as one of the best android tablet.

March 29th 2012 10.2″ Zenithink Z102 Android 4.0 GPS 3G

Latest arrival ,100% Guarantee real Zenithink!

Drop shipping Support, One year warranty,In 24Hours Delivery!

Highlights Model Number: Zenithink Z102 – Whitebox Flytouch 5

CPU: Cortex A9 1GHz

Internal Memory: 512MB

Storage: 4GB Nand Fast Flash

OS: Android 4.0 OS

Display: 10.2″ 2-point touch resistive screen (pinch-to-zoom), resolution 1024×600

Full-Featured Ports & Interface: Two standard USB2.0 Ports, HDMI Port, RJ45 cable interface (direct plugin supported), external 3G modem supported, etc.

Inbuilt Functions: GPS module, front-facing camera, Portable Hotspot, Wi-Fi connectivity, ect.

Full access to tons of apps from official Android market.

Compared against Flytouch 2 or 3 series: Flytouch 5 Zenithink Z102 Android 4.0 tablet is based on AMLogic A9, which is times faster than Flytouch 2/3 based on Infotmic, and it’s powered by Android 2.3 OS exclusively customized by Zenithink, which features a more user-friendly interface and multi-task management you’d love to see.

March 27th 2012 Buy Wholesale China SYSBAY P98 Android 4.0 Capacitive Tablet 8 Inch Allwinner A10 Dual Camera 2160P 1024x768 + Free Shipping Worldwide!

Following to Zenithink, Infotmic, Amlogic etc, Allwinner should be the new pioneer, which was adopted by prenty of android tablet pc now, such as SYSBAY P98 tablet, which powered by the Allwinner A10, based on the top-rated Cortex A8, up to 1.5GHz, running more smoothly.

The SYSBAY P98 android tablet pc comes with 8 inch 5-points capacitive touch screen, fairly responsive, with the really high resolution 1024x768, that meets many folks' needs.

With the built-in dual camera, more perfect for those photographers to take pictures or videos, not matter where you are, that is the fast and easy way.

SYSBAY P98 Package Including:

1 x SYSBAY P98 Android 4.0 tablet pc
1 x USB Cable
1 x Standard charger (From AU,EU,UK orders send extra adapter)
1 x English user manual

March 26th 2012 Tablets are taking the computing world by storm. They are the latest trend that gives you internet capabilities, access to email, video chat and allows you to capture images and video while on the go. These multimedia devices are designed to be portable, with small dimensions and a lightweight design. They also give you control by navigating around the device using the touchscreen display or stylus pen.

Whether you are a student, business professional or just love technology, Android tablet pc have something for everyone. The best devices offer a responsive touchscreen that quickly obeys your every command. You can take notes, send emails and create documents or slideshows anywhere, anytime. Using the built-in cameras, you can capture images at a moment’s notice or even communicate via video chat with anyone around the world.

When deciding which tablet is best for you, consider what you'll use it for. Several tablets offer more entertainment features with high screen resolution, video chat capabilities and strong graphics.

Others include multitasking capabilities, long battery life and multiple inputs and ways of connecting to the internet. Our side-by-side comparison chart and objective reviews can help you find the tablet with the features you're looking for.

For more information, please go to android tablet reviews or android tablet accessories

March 24th 2012 If you are reading this article then you have most likely caught wind of the computer tablet craze that seems to be sweeping the U.S. and many other industrialized nations. However, it isn't just a tablet craze, it's an android powered tablet craze.

There are a multitude of android tablet pcs on the market right now, but how do you know which one to choose? The answer here is complex because there are a number of factors that would determine my response to that question. For instance, what size screen are you looking for? In order to determine what the best android tablet for you is, you need to answer a few questions about what you hope to get from your android powered tablet.

A List of the
Best Android Tablets to Choose from

Ok, so you may not be entirely sure what you want. That's ok, I'll narrow the list down for you because there are so many bad android tablets that you may not know where to start. Here is a quick and dirty look at the top 5 best android tablets available on the market right now.

1. Asus Transformer Prime

Features: Android 3.2 honeycomb OS (ICS upgradeable!)
NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor
10.1" Backlight
Eee pad transformer dock keyboard ready

2. Samsung Galaxy

Features: Android 3.2 honeycomb OS (plus TouchWiz)
Dual Core 1.2 GHz processor
3.0 Mp rear camera, 2.0 Mp front camera
Can serve as a universal remote control for t.v.

3. Motorola Xoom

Features: 1GHz dual core ARM processor
5 Mp rear camera and 2 Mp front camera
Android 3.0 honeycomb OS that's upgradeable

4. Acer Iconia

Features: Android 3.2 honeycomb Os
NVIDIA Tegra dual-core processor
Micros SD Card ready
1 micro HDMI out

5. Toshiba Thrive

Features: 16 GB internal memory and 3.1 honeycomb OS
NVIDEA Tegra 2 dual-core mobile processor
USB slot, mini-usb slot, HDMI ports, and SD card slot
Easy grip finish

They all look good, so now what?

The good news is that all of the above tablets meet that " best android tablet " category for one reason or another. Therefore, you are 10 steps above everyone else who is just buying tablets based on how cool the advertising is or how the box looks. But don't take my word for it, take a look at your favorite online marketplace (Amazon etc). These tablets have proven over time to get the most consistently good reviews. Now you need to decide which is best for you...

The best android tablet for my needs is...

Are you looking for sheer power? Are you the type of person who likes to multitask and do 100 things at once? Then you should probably go for the Asus Transformer Prime tablet. This tablet offers a quad-core tablet (the only one on the market as of now) which is amazing for doing a lot of different things all at once (Facebook, browsing, gaming, etc.).

Another important feature to pay attention to is screen size and clarity. If you want the maximum portability from these android tablets, then you might want to go with the Samsung Galaxy tablet. This is the only 7" android tablet in this list and weighs only 0.76 lbs! Yea, that's light.

These are just a fraction of the features that you should be comparing when searching for your personal best tablet pc. We will be working on even more tips and tricks in the near future!

March 23rd 2012 Buy China Wholesale Ployer momo8 Android 4.0 Capacitive Tablet 8 Inch ALLWINNER A10 Cortex A8 CPU 8GB HDMI + Free Shipping Worldwide!

Are you hesitated on purchasing the android tablet pc? 10 inch android tablet maybe is too large to you, but 7 inch android 4.0 OS tablet taken too small, then the 8 inch ployer momo 8 tablet should be your best option.

The ployer momo8 tablet uses the popular android 4.0 OS, more choice for select the apps, which powered by ALLWINNER A10, Cortex A8 processor, up to 1.2 GHz.

With the 5-point capacitive touch screen, providing the most excellent user experience. It comes with built-in front-facing camera, allowing you to take pictures or video by own for fun.

Not only support the WIFI, but also support the external WCDMA/ CDMA2000/ EVDO 3G USB dongle, more convenient for you to take away instead of the heavy laptop, surf online anywhere anytime.

Ployer momo8 Package Including:

1 x Ployer momo8 Android 4.0 tablet pc
1 x USB Cable
1 x Standard charger (From AU,EU,UK orders send extra adapter)
1 x Earphone
1 x English user manual

March 22nd 2012 This time around, the Apple iPad rumor mill was mostly right on. With the Apple's third-generation tablet, we got a super-high-res 2,048-by-1,536-pixel Retina Display powered by a beefed-up A5X CPU, a better camera, and fast 4G LTE on AT&T or Verizon. This all brings up the eternal tablet question again: iPad or Android Tablet PC?

Though the battle might seem a bit lopsided, we felt it was important to compare Apple's latest tablet with the
best Android tablet available right now. A slew of promising quad-core Android slates like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Toshiba AT270 were announced at Mobile World Congress, but specs and release dates aren't solid. Of what we've seen coming down the pike, the forthcoming Asus Transformer Infinity matches the new iPad closest on specs, but with no release date announced, who knows when we'll see it? If you're considering the new iPad when it's released next Friday, the tablets in the chart below are some of the best large-screen Androids we've tested—and they're available now.

As it stands, the closest match is the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, which packs Nvidia's latest quad-core Tegra 3 processor. The Transformer Prime has one distinct advantage over any iPad, and that is its ability to dock into a slick keyboard accessory that turns the tablet into a veritable laptop. It also adds battery life and a full-sized USB port. Sure you could get a keyboard case for your iPad, but it's not going to emulate that laptop form factor nearly as well as the Transformer Prime. So if productivity is your main priority, the Transformer Prime could make a viable option over the iPad, despite its shortcomings elsewhere.

If you want the most advanced hardware you can get now, it's hard to argue with the new iPad. The Retina screen is unparalleled, the camera is improved, and its new A5X chip with quad-core graphics should be more than enough to satiate tablet gamers. And if you've already invested in the iOS ecosystem, the iPad is a no brainer.

Two other viable large-screen Android options available now are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Sony Tablet S. Of course, you could go the budget route and pick up the $200 Amazon Kindle Fire or the Nook Tablet, but that's a different story altogether.

More products, you can go to best tablet pc to take a look.

March 21st 2012 An Android 4.0 Tablet with a appearance of business style – NewPad T3 is released. Today, TenQ will bring you the review of it.

Appearance of NewPad T3 Tablet PC is full of business style and very plain, the overall tone is predominantly black, the fuselage on the left and right have stripes design, so it is not easy to slide when you hold it in your hand.

Configuration: Android 4.0 OS, RK2918 Cortex-A8 CPU, 1.2 GHz, 512MB RAM, 8GB ROM, 7 inch 800*400 capacitive five points touch screen of 16:9 ratio, Micro SD card, USB, 3.5mm earphone, 3000mA lithium battery, G-sensor, Flash 11.1.

Comment: NewPad T3 has a mainstream configuration, can meet all of your demand such as office, HD video, large games and so on, besides, it also has a nice craft and wonderful appearance, so it is really suitable for you if you want to buy a cost-effective Android Tablet PC.

 The ICOO company has launched a series of good tablets, and this ICOO D70W is one of them.

This ICOO D70W tablet is powered by the excellent Allwinner A10 processor. The newest android 4.0 OS is preinstalled, thus allowing you to download apps from the android market without any cost.

The ICOO D70W Packaging includes:

1 x ICOO D70W
Android 4.0 tablet pc
1 x USB Cable
1 x Earphone
1 x Standard charger (From AU,EU,UK orders send extra adapter)
1 x English user manual

If you are interested with this tablet, below are the technical specifications:

Model: ICOO D70W

CPU: Allwinner A10, 1.2GHz; GPU: Mali 400

OS: Android 4.0.3 (ICS)

Memory: DDRIII 1GB

Nandflash: 8GB/16GB

Extended Card: Support micro SD card up to 32GB

LCD Display: 7 Inch Capacitive Screen, 1024×600

WIFI: Yes, 802.11 b/g/n

3G: External 3G dongle


Camera: Yes, Front 1.3MP

G-Sensor: YES

Multi-Touch: Yes, 5-points Multi-touch

Flash: Support

Bluetooth: No

Android Market: Yes


Audio format: MP3、WMA、AAC、APE、FLAC

Picture format: JPG、BMP、PNG、GIF

3D Games: Support

HDMI: Yes,1080P

I/O ports:

DC in


TF Card Slot

1*Mini USB port


LED indicators: Power; charging


Power on/off

Menu, Esc, Home

Messengers: QQ, MSN, Gmail etc

Battery: 3600mAh

Languages: Support multi-language