June 2nd 2012 Android Tablet PC is wonderful - however it is important to do some homework before buying one.

Before one buys a US.00 Tablet PC or even one for US 0.00 make sure that you look at the specifications. Some Tablet PCs come with slow processors, some as slow as 300 MHz with 128 MB of RAM. This will not give you the experience of an Apple iPhone or even some cellphones!


I have personally tested Tablet PCs 533 MHz CPU and 128 MB of RAM. Although this will pass for an eBook reader, it will not be the best choice to watch movies or for video streaming.

From my experience,
Android Tablet comes in the following classifications

Good: Entry Level aPads come with processor speeds of less than 533Mhz, 128 MB RAM and 2 GB Internal Hard Drive Excellent for reading ebooks. Most Tablets Pcs in this category will have Android OS 1.5 - 1.9.The good news here is that the price point is slightly less than the OEM ebook readers.

Better: This category of aPads come with processor speeds from 533MHz to 900 Mhz, 256MB RAM and 2 GB Internal Hard Drive. Excellent for internet browsing, watching movies on YouTube and note taking.

Best: These aPads are usually 10 inch, but there are some powerful 7″ aPads out there that compete with the Apple iPads. Any iPad with at least 1GHz (1024MHz), 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal drive with Android 2.1 or higher are considered the ones to get if you are a serious multimedia user. Watching HD movies is a wonderful experience on these devices.

I did not put any price points for these classifications because the cost will always drop as new products are released.

On a final note, it is important to determine your needs before selecting the right desktop, laptop or tablet PC. Android aPads, like the iPad or any other tablet will not support all the applications out there, but it is increasing getting better by the day.

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Since Steve Jobs first brought the android tablet pc into our world all of us considered that they were only created for the rich. The iconic iPad is an excellent pc tablet but is out of reach for most of us because of huge price tag. Google Corporation, a united states internet giant has come into the pc tablet current market with its Android operating system.

As a result of entry of Google, the very affordable android pc tablets are now obtainable affordably in various place in the world due to the marketing approaches set by a number of affordable cheap android tablet pc companies. Someone can purchase the cost-effective android tablet computer through drop shipping where the gadget will be sent to your residence. When searching for a very affordable tablet pc, a cheap android tablet computer is the right choice. Google’s android tablet computer is the best tablet additionally for its wide range of software available for both free of charge or paid in the android market place. Application development on android platform is also most preferable for a lot of buyers in the present day. Studies have revealed that many mobile phone users are generally more focused on android tablet computers sine many of their apps are easily available in the android current market.

In the past, mainly couple of mobile phone companies had launched into the world of tablet computers and thus, most people were dissatisfied with their products and services. Bearing this in mind, Google marketing strategies were powerfully directed towards advantages of their own stylish, inexpensive
android tablet computers. When first introduced the public market place, just very few had a concept of what next was to become of these future-oriented products. Ever considered of that online market place where one can buy a tablet computer?

This may appear the best idea possibly to most of us who have little or no practical experience in on the net purchases. On the flip side, one must always be very careful to counteract those unscrupulous vendors who only make empty transactions and then abandon their consumers debilitating. In the Google android market place, clients find it almost painless to pay for apps to their newly bought heap android pc tablets. Drop Shipping is a main factor implemented by Google android market. This is achieved by the point that once a client comes to the market for any kind of app, it takes just a click of a button to start applying your new application. Actually, nowadays tablet PCs’ market is tending towards Drop shipping to alleviate the customers of the charge for travelling to the physical premises to obtain their goods.

Google is not an exception also! The cost of a tablet computers doesn't entail the pay for charge mainly. It is going beyond this to take into consideration the price of transporting the tablet back to the client’s house. By using Drop Shipping currently tending even electronic nowadays, Google has accomplished this particular service to their pc tablets market place thus making their tablets look quite low priced android tablet pcs. Worth nothing is always that any individual wishing to purchase a pc tablet, ought not only look at its obtaining charge but crucial among additional factors, must look into its maintenance which can feature alternative of its software in addition to updated application that deal with ever altering technological world. A personal can buy the best cheap android tablet pc !