After the listing, V8 extreme edition is the representative of the 8 inch tablet domestic products, the high performance, high configuration, cost-effective, become the pronoun. High frequency 1.5 GH A10 all the nuclear super powerful processor. Chi for V8 speed, based on the A8 core of mainstream chip the A10 volunteers, and its use of the nuclear CPU technology, as high as 1.5 G frequency of operation than other A8 master the fluency ascend above 30%. Let flat task more stable operation, deal with software applications faster, play games more smoothly, Internet browsing and video broadcast more fluent. Of course, there also is 10 inch android tablet pc.

1 GB DDR3 memory super capacity, are common of the plate 2 times. Than similar cheap android tablet speed increased by 50%. Chi for V8 extreme edition lead configuration 1 GB DDR3 memory super capacity, is market similar products double. Chi for V8 extreme edition in the game, on the Internet is greatly enhanced fluency. Two official version 4.0, more stable, and more compatible, mass games as you download. Two official version 4.0, with new UI design interface, a new browser, and other new user experience. Compared with Android 2.3, improve operation speed, adding up to dozens of updates. Including: Google TV compatible, and smart phones, tablet computer, font update, face recognition and leading technology, near field communication, WIFI, such as browser speed up straight even, make its practical get greatly ascend.

ARM in the mobile microprocessor very has the prestige, and also it in the GPU attainments is very high also, ARM Mali-400 is the most one of the top of the industry GPU. Chi for V8 speed version built-in ARM Mali-400 independent video card modules, its a 30 M/s polygon generation and 275 M/s pixel filling rate. In large before 3 D games played quite to force. ARM Mali-400 for high-end digital entertainment system provide strong support. Will give users to bring very perfect game and application experience. More on top of the well and improve the operation of the smooth. 1024 x 768 8 inches high screen clearing, enough to let a person with expectations, chi for V8 speed version would be so a piece of ambition screen. Vision not only more stretch, and five touch control let operation is very precise fluent, whether drag, stretching gestures act can handle it well. Browse pictures, watching movies, surfing the web, play games all have very good visual effect, let more broad vision.

Chi for V8 extreme version in the design of the exterior also very diligently. Exclusive fashionable design, make chi for more elegant and fashionable V8 speed version. At the same time, the fuselage, streamline design, the most thin only 4.0 mm, in do not break vogue is under the condition of the weight, convenient to carry, more can cater to the taste of the fashionable gens. Large extent, reduce the travel weight. Elegant and fashionable appearance, ultra-thin to 4.0 mm delicate fuselage, let chi for V8 speed version in many flat to the fore
best android tablet.

Chi for V8 speed version of 2160 P support of ultra high clear resolution. 3840 x 2160 resolution, horizontal 3840 pixels, longitudinal 2160 pixels, is the whole hd resolution 1920 x 1080 P, four times as much at the same time, also compatible with 1080 P, 720 P, 480 P and so on the different resolution, different formats of hd video. More wonderful experience all in chi for V8 extreme edition. Chi for V8 extreme edition built-in WiFi radio module, but through the wireless router and ShangWangKa easy Internet access, anytime, anywhere understand new information and get a true wireless city, free Internet access.

No. Definitely not even in close. The best Android tablets are the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
The HaiPad M8 is a wholesale tablet, which generally equates to low quality and shoddy performance.

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