Today to introduce is a small 7 inch tablet PC, and the current 7 inch tablet PCs mainstream have to upgrade to a capacitive screen plus 1024 * 600 pixels, which is the development trend of tablet PCs. high-quality experience is the key. Today to introducethe Tablet PC called Handpad A1 is also used in 1024 * 600 resolution 7 inch capacitive screen, with a frequency of 800MHz Freescale i.MX515 chip, the memory is 512MB, 4GB flash, equipped with Android2.3 system. Support for WiFI, front a 1.3 mega pixel camera.

Handpad A1 uses the appearance of pure white, black and white panels with the shell still very classic. Positive addition to the front of the camera, there are four touch-sensitive keysare menu keys, home key, back key and search button. The back of the white-in-one case,because it is the prototype so the back of the hole but two loud speakers outside, there is no pattern and logo. Side of the fuselage has two physical buttons are volume adjustmentkeys and power button. The interface is not only more complete TF card slot, RESETbutton, power connector, MiniUSB interface and 3.5mm headphone jack, and HDMI outputinterfaces. Machine looks fairly nice, weighs only 360g or so, it is relatively light to carry.Here are real pictures.

HandPad A1 tablet positive.

There is a front camera. You can chat video online  with you friends via this web camera.

Below are four common front touch keys, menu key, respectively, home key, back key andfind the key, the right is a power indicator.

HandPad A1 tablet has simple white shell and there are two speakers.

The fuselage above the volume control key and power key.

The right side of the excuses and keys, respectively, TF card slot, RESET button, power connector port, HDMI port, MiniUSB interface and 3.5mm headphone jack.

13mm thinkness

360g weight

HandPad A1 tablet is similar with Haipad M9 product on the appearance, with white shell. But configuration is different. As a new 7 inch android tablet, what’s its sale point. Just the article say, 1024*600 capacitive screen, android 2.3 OS is the mainstream configration. To be honest, the tablet PC competitor is the processor. So can Freescale iMX515 chip can beat Samsung program, RK2918, Dual Core Cortex A9 etc?

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