The new 10.2” FlyTouch2 Epad by Orphan doubles the features of it’s predecessor, the GPS-M16 , a.k.a. the ZT-180. The first 10.2″ Apad was a break through and a serious rival to the Apple iPad but it still had its staled releases.

The first release that Android Fans and Blog Reviewers were waiting for was the workaround to the Google Android Market. While there are many alternative android application and gaming markets, many buyers still wanted the Google Market.

Next, was the YouTube fix. With a beautiful 10.2″ High Definition Screen (HD) many customers wanted one-touch Youtube access. While the Orphan M16 proved to be able to play flash, Youtube was very difficult to install and many people on forums had to root the code – something would void any warranty that online shops like China Grabber or PricedinChina offered (generally the Chinese Factories will not fix a machine that has been opened or has had the incorrect ROM flashed.

Lastly was the promise of optional Bluetooth or GPS in the Future. The M16, ZT-180 have not had these upgrades to this date.

The one surpise with this latest epad / ipad clone is

It is basically the best Google Android Tablet PC on the Market, it’s got a power and comprehensive operating system, compare to most of the other Tablet PCs on the market this FlyTouch2 tablet pc is much much powerful as it reacts to your controller very quickly and smoothly. Item features a dual TF card plots supporting up to 32GB external storage, a RJ45 port that is ideal for wired internet surfing, 2 x standard 2.0 USB ports, HDMI plug for high definition video output, high resolution screen, high quality stereo speakers.