So many newly launched android tablets whirling around our ears, now here comes a window 7 tablet. This price of this tablet readily tells us that it is for professionals, much expensive than most tablet pcs. Here let’s see what this $600 device gives us. It is powered by Intel N455 1.6G, and lands on storage of 2GB and 320 HDD, 10.1 resistive screen, 3200 mAh Lithium battery, with support for Wifi, G-sensor, and weighs 1 kg with dimension 270x165x22mm. As for the ports, there is a USB, a mini USB, a VGA, a earphone jack, a defaulted 3G SIM slot and a charger plughole. In addition, it can give you freehand writing which is designed for those professionals.

The price $599 refers to the KUPA X8 without 3G. If you want to get a 3G one, it will cost you $749 and the flagship one is as expensive as $854 (with a car charger as giveaway). Samsung Galaxy Tab, in my eyes, is a word for the exorbitant tablet pcs. Now This KUPA X8 labels a price similarly glaring to the eyes. But if the touch screen were a capacitive one instead of a resistive,  that would be more convincing, since most people take it as for granted that an expensive tablet needs not just a powerful processor but also a fairly good touchscreen.