Mini 7’’ Apple ipad suspected copy China Apad ? Leave a comment » As we all know,the tablet PC 7 inch Apad,Epad,Iped now have become a very hot selling item around the world,the 9.7’’ ipad it is not convenient for taking away for some people because it is a bit large,as contrast,China Apad,Epad,Iped only come with 7’’ screen,moreover come with android 2.1,it is more practical and convenient. From some news,we get Apple’s consumer electronic products program between 2010 second half and 2011,including new version ipad.ipod shuffle.revised iphone and so on.

The new version products estimate will come out in September,ipod Touch will be the newest one,which is similar to the iphone 4;shuffle will come with 7’’ touch screen.There will be a mini 7’’ ipad come out.iphone will reissue after solving the antenna problem ,then will not need the cell-phone case to solve the signal problem,other hardware will remain.Here is a new version ipad picture as below:
This is  7 inch china apad

This is Apple Mini 7″ ipad and 9.7″ ipad

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