April 25th 2012 The new ground-breaking Onda Vi40 Elite book is creating new standards for the underdog Android OS. It is one of the aboriginal Book PCs on the bazaar to action the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, which is clashing antecedent Android systems and added accurately engineered appear Tablets rather than phones.

It is assertive to be a battleground in the Android vs iOS War and for
Android tablet pc in general. Unsurprisingly it comes from… *drumroll* China! You estimated it! And some I am abiding will absurdly avoid this book based on its geo-location. By accomplishing so admitting they would be abstinent themselves one of the finest Android tablets I accept anytime had the amusement of application advancing out of China’s affluence of baby cyberbanking accomplishment companies.

Let's get into the specs of this tablet. The Onda vi40
android 4.0 tablet boasts a 9.7 inch flat-panel affectation that in fact feels bigger than the iPad-1 or 2 and a absolute amusement to use with it’s iPS technology, a resolution of 1024x 768 it matches the iPad-2. It is aswell the thinnest book I accept anytime advised at a amazing ??5.4mm thickness?? (wrongly informed) it makes the iPad-2 attending like a brick phone/tablet at 8.8mm. The Onda aswell outdoes the iPad-2 with its 2160p HD resolution (iPad-2 has 720p),and 1.5GHz A10 CPU (iPad-2 1GHz A5 CPU), a 5 point multi-touch capacitive awning (we accept the iPad 2 is 5 point) and 1GB of DDR3 RAM and bifold foreground and rear cameras. Clashing the iPad-2, the Onda vi40 has a HDMI out, SD slot, USB ports, 3G dongle affinity and all the basal things that the iPad-1 or 2 bootless to produce. Attributes that should be accepted on any tablet. (detailed specs at the basal of the page)

The Onda vi40 was appointed for absolution in Q1 2012 but is already accessible to acquirement through import. It is priced at a awfully low $239 and is accessible at iPadAlternative.com (was ahead due for absolution in Q1 of 2012) (Onda Vi40 Elite - Android 4.0 Book - iPad Alternative - The Android Book Specialists). The specs and amount tag are abiding to bedrock apples apple in some way or addition in 2012. This book has the abeyant to play a huge role in bringing Android out of the underground to the beginning by authoritative a adventurous account about the accessible antecedent Android 4.0 OS. I accept abundant hopes for its success.

There are also ONDA VI10 Elite android 4.0 tablet pc, you can go to take a look.

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