Before the MWC2012, Google said that they will release Android 5.0 at the third quarter. But the newest new from Medias said that due to the unsatisfactory popularization of Android 4.0, Google has to put the release time off.

It is reported that Google will put off the time to the year-end, and the firmware will be pushed to users’ android 4.0 phone or android 4.0 tablet PC at December.

Meanwhile, Google will let Samsung to be the manufactory of the next generation Nexus phone. Google will cooperate with five OEM factories to product Nexus and Jelly Bean will be built-in.

According to the previous news, Android 5.0 has further optimization for android tablet pc. And it is likely that Jelly Bean will coexist with Windows 8 on one device, the user can switch them without the need to reboot the device. In addition, in this version a desktop mode will be built in, this mode can switch you phone system into the one which is suitable for docking, PC even TV. Lockheimer also said, the new version will have more simple operation interface and more powerful functions, the speed will also be improved.

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