April 18th 2012 Dropbox isn’t free, but DropSync is. The latter is a must-have for sync-minded subscribers to the former.

Streaming instead of syncing

There’s another way to “sync” your tablet, and that’s to go the streaming route: Instead of trying to squeeze all your media onto your best tablet pc , you can stream songs, videos, and the like from your PC or network drive.

This offers a couple key advantages. First, it makes your media library available on-demand, instead of requiring you to copy dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of files. Second, it provides access to a lot more stuff than you’d be able to cram onto a memory card —and leaves that card free for other goodies like apps and e-books.

The downside is that your tablet needs an Internet connection (preferably via Wi-Fi) to pull all that content from your PC. Thus, there may be times (like on an airplane) when your media isn’t accessible.

When you do connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots to stream media, make sure you don’t connect your tablet to any unknown or suspicious Wi-Fi networks. Doing so could compromise your data and leave you open to mobile malware.

If you’re connecting to your home network, make sure your router is configured with WPA2-level security so that only authorized devices (like your tablet) can connect. Otherwise you run the risk of neighbors or even passers-by gaining access to your data—regardless of where it’s stored.

Likewise, be sure to outfit both your tablet and your PCs with security software. Android devices have been particularly hard hit by malware, and even if yours doesn’t get infected directly, any malware your unprotected PC picks up could be transferred to your tablet during syncing.

Whatever syncing solution you choose, you’ll have a lot more fun with your tablet once it’s filled with all your favorite songs, photos, and videos.

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