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It might be called The Street Orchestra, but it’s got nothing to do with hobos banging out Shostakovich on trashcans. Nope, it’s a cute little iPhone app produced at the behest of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. It’s basically Tap Tap Revolution or Guitar Hero, except it’s free, the focus is strictly classical and, amazingly, you can sync the game with up to 200,000 other players to create some kind of hellish wireless orchestra.

Yerp, you read that right – 200,000 people. Which, assuming everybody playing bought an IPhone 4 off-contract, is like $140 million worth of tech. Apparently impromptu sync-mobs have been turning up all over Gothenburg to harangue the locals with classical music – presumably closely followed by a pack of excited pickpockets.

The Video Games plays pretty simply – you sync, then you tap along. The neat thing is that player mistakes are audible, allowing whoever’s conducting your virtual orchestra to furrow their brow disapprovingly in your direction. We’re just hoping for some more tracks to be added in future updates – imagine 200,000 people playing Flight of the Bumblebee together? That’s a lot of bloody fingers and ruined IPhones.

Anyway, check out this clip of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra playing with the app. It’s pretty swell.

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