May 5th 2012 Most people prefer a larger screen of a tablet Android. So what follows, you can be your dreams. —– This is the version of the standard 10 inch android tablet. The 10 inches of the standard version of the front is black and the back is silver.

The proportion of high-definition screen is 16:9. The resolution is 1024×600. The tablet Google has 16 million color 10-inch low temperature polysilicon display so graphics performance is even better and leave the screen 1080 P HD video easier and clearer thinking.

The system Google Android 2.2 and supports Tablet Flash10.1. The design is advanced PVC materials. It is sold on the market in February 2011. The screen is 10 inches from the standard settings for touch screen. Its keyboard is a virtual QWERTY keyboard and an external keyboard. It can be used for Wi-Fi and 3G wireless Internet and ADSL. The Google Android tablet support Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile and 3 networks G. The RAM is 32 G ROM and dual core 1G RAM. The hard disk capacity of 32 GB to 64 GB can be expanded. The touch screen is a Google technology of the touch screen multi-point capability. GPS positioning is good. You can google e-smart card site with independent GPS navigation with external GPS antenna. You can also find a 3.5mm headphone port, a TF-map interface, two mini-USB port and an HDMI interface. There is also a lithium ultra-4000mA capacity.

Here you will find a built-in microphone, 3.5 mm standard headphone jack and integrated speakers. There is a gravity system built intake that supports automatic horizontal screen, and another function. It supports Java gaming software and other game to expand the size of the Google Android tablet is 268mm * 169mm * 14mm. And weight is 660g. It supports image types like JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, etc. and it also supports different types of image formats browsing and playing rotation.

Some people will argue that the bigger screen is not easy. Therefore, they prefer the lighter and smaller. But most people can not represent all points of view of privileged people. Thus, the 10 inches of the standard version of Google
best android tablet 2012 is still popular among people and win people’s attention and appreciation.

As people increasingly aware of the intelligent features of the shelf Google Android, the Google Android tablet pc market surly attract people’s attention and make great profits. Therefore, the Google Android tablet should be perfected by step with the development of society and people to continue to new needs improvement. 

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