The enormous success of the Apple iPad brings a new business opportunity, at the same time; Apple brings us into a tablet computer brand again. Just after the trend, all types of Tablet PC emerged as a new force. One of the outstanding is 10 inch Android Tablet PC. As a professional China wholesale, undisputed, do not miss the golden chance.

Targeting the market of Android devices up, published a wide range of android tablet pc for consumer’s selection. In this post, recommends consumers a new Android 2.2 10-inch Tablet PC Eken M013S. The tablet with a fresh Android operating system Android surprising 2.2, with a VIA CPU 8650, 300 ~ 800 MHz. it also comes with 256 MB RAM and 4 GB Nand Flash, and the support TF card expansion up to 16GB extended. He believes that the memory can meet the needs of the most common request.

The Android tablet designed with lovely 10-inch LCD resistive, 1024 and 120 angles visible, which is just comfortable viewing and operation. From the perspective such a large screen is really nice to enjoy movies; images and videos, besides, it will also provide users experience very exciting game. The tablet computer Android employs 0.3MP high definition camera. When users come across a beautiful landscape or moved, it is convenient and easy to register. The files give users a clear beautiful memory. Designed with cool gravity sensor, this means that users can play exciting games dynamic.

It can automatically change the display direction then the user action. In addition, the computer supports Flash 10.1, which is a wonderful feature that the iPad. The
best Android tablet PC will support WiFi 802.11b / g. as long as there is a hot spot, users can connect the Tablet PC to the Internet. Then, users can surf the wireless anywhere anytime. Because of the support shelf Skype, Google Search, YouTube, etc., so regardless of the car, bus, train, taxi or take a long trip, the tablet computer with fresh accompany them and help to kill boring time. You will never have to worry how to entertain yourself when you are alone.

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